a decade on display
at somerset house in london
10 is a visual and material milestone in LOVERBOY’s history, a meditation on the enduring themes and temporalities that shape our universe. Departing from our previous narrative-
driven approach, 10 has found its form through an exploration of ‘queer time’ - the idea that
queerness shapes not only our sense and understandings of gender and sexuality, but also
our experiences of time itself and our relations to past, present and future.

Our design process was led by consideration of the ways that clock-time shapes social life
and thus becomes tied to expectation and notions of respectability. Nods towards nightwear and undergarments jostle against references to formality and outerwear, in a muddling of sartorial codes of labour and leisure, public and private. Through drape and deconstruction we’ve sought to cultivate a sense of becoming and undoing, evoking clothing pulled hurriedly around the body and the gradual unravelling of a look over the course of a day.Ringed eyes and tousled hair hint further at the realm of slumber, refracted through a distinctly post-punk sensibility.

This rumination on liminality, precarity and flux extends through the show’s accompanying soundscape. Produced in collaboration with composer Luca Manning and performed by Somerset House Studios choir, the piece draws on personal experiences of queerness and transition, augmented by an improvisatory process that explores the potential of voice as both instrument and sonic texture.
fred perry x charles jeffrey loverboy
LOVERBOY has always had an indomitable musical pulse throbbing at its core. For Charles Jeffrey, music is tantamount to fashion and visual art in the diverse roster of inspirations feeding his practice.

In 2024, Charles Jeffrey took his passion for music to new levels by debuting as a DJ at several high-profile fashion events and music festivals around the world. He also collaborated with renowned electronic music producers to create an exclusive soundtrack for his latest collection, blending deep house beats with eclectic soundscapes. Jeffrey's foray into music production was met with critical acclaim, with tracks from his album being featured in major fashion shows and art installations. This multifaceted approach not only showcased his versatility as an artist but also highlighted the seamless integration of music and fashion in his creative universe.
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