LOVERBOY has always had an indomitable musical pulse throbbing at its core. For Charles Jeffrey, music is tantamount to fashion and visual art in the diverse roster of inspirations feeding his practice.

AW22’s Art of Noise collection presents a polyphonic love letter to music, riffing on the work of rebel cellist Arthur Russell alongside countless other influences. 

In an unprecedented move marking the collection’s launch, Charles has teamed up with a host of talented musical collaborators to produce his first ever album, Neko. Penning lyrics with the multidisciplinary artist Robert Fox and working on production with experimental musician Tom Furse – formerly of The Horrors – the project has united close friends of LOVERBOY. The result is a multi-genre soundscape, oscillating from the classical to the industrial via soaring synths, hypnotic beats and spoken word courtesy of rising rapper Taliable.

Intended as a sonic accompaniment to the Art of Noise collection, Neko also marks a return to the dystopian narrative initially touched upon in AW20’s Hell Mend You offering, which centres on the inhabitants of a post-apocalyptic world fighting to reach the mythic floating city of AJUKA. The album’s title, taken from the Japanese word for cat, points subtly to a feline motif that slinks repeatedly through the LOVERBOY universe.


On 31/10/22 Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY released its debut album entitled NEKO. In launch of this, LOVERBOY's collaborators: Charles Jeffrey; Robert Fox; Tom Furse curated an Audiovisual Experience, hosted at and with The Institute of Contemporary Arts. Missed out on this? We're clicking rewind... proudly presenting NEKO's Audiovisual Experience, virtually!


Director and Editor - Robert Fox

Creative Director - Charles Jeffrey

AI Editor - Tom Furse

Producer - Tom Furse

Animator - Josh Quinton

Featured Artists - TaliaBle and Fi McCluskey

Special Thanks: ICA for hosting and collaborating on the physical event.


Charles Jeffrey Loverboy presents NEKO a project by Charles Jeffrey, Tom Furse, Robert Fox.

Director - Robert Fox

Director of Photography - Peter Garajszki

Producer - Thomas Prees

Set Design - Jack Davey

Hair Stylist - Charles Stanley

Make-up artist - Mari Kuno

1st AC - Ciaran Tunmer

Gaffer - Luke Halstead

Technical Assistance - Emma Jones

Driver - Arnis Koleda

Animation & Polaroids -Josh Quinton




Charles Jeffrey has long been a devotee kneeling at the altar of the musical greats and their mesmeric artform. He is also something of a musician himself. With the help of his peerless collaborators, Robert Fox and Tom Furse, Charles recently managed to sing and play himself into absolute oblivion… Watch these calamitous events unfold in the brand-new video for GREY NIGHT / BLACK HOLE.

Written and Directed - Robert Fox

Cinematographer - Tom Eames

Hair Stylist - Charles Stanley 

Make-up Artist - Mari Kuno

Lighting and Camera Assistant - Emma Jones

Set Arrangement and Polaroids - Josh Quinton

Video Edit - Robert Fox

Location & Special Thanks -  Haha Sounds Studio & Syd Kemp 

Starring - Tom Furse, Robert Fox, Charles Jeffrey



Fred Perry x LOVERBOY makes music in conjunction with their final collaboration with Fred Perry, LOVERBOY premieres its debut single ‘Take Me There’ from their debut album project entitled Neko.


Creative Director – Charles Jeffrey

Director - Bunny Kinney

Producer - Thomas Prees

DOP - Alex Reid

1st AC - Tim Allan

2nd AC - Henry Vinten

Colourist - Francis Qureshi

Editor - Juan Palacio

Assistant Editor - Arsenii Pronoun

DIT - Andrew Trewartha

Gaffer - Paul Burns

Electrician - Daniel Burns

Electrician - Peter Hargroves

Hair Stylist - Claire Moore

Make Up Artist - Phoebe Walters

Head of Operations - Diani Diaz

Styling Assistant - Scott Cruft

Make up Assistant - Erika Freedman

Hair Assistant - Esme Horn